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Application and Employment Processing

  • Only applicants that have been short-listed for a position will be contacted by Nuna Human Resources.
  • Resumes and applications will be kept on file for a period of 6 months.
  • Training opportunities may be available for some positions dependent on contractual agreements.
  • Depending on contractual obligations, Nuna may require pre-employment medical, criminal record check, and driver's abstract.

To ensure that your resume/application is processed accurately, please include all pertinent information.

  • Clearly state the position for which you are applying.
  • For Heavy Equipment Operator, elaborate on specific equipment you have operational experience.
  • Identify your experience working in remote locations, camp settings and shift rotations.

Privacy Statement

Nuna group of companies, its subsidiaries, joint ventures and partnerships (collectively Nuna) acknowledge and recognize the need to have your personal information (Personal Information) kept confidential and Nuna's obligation to comply with laws enacted to protect the Personal Information in Nuna's custody or control.  Since the data you submit to Nuna requires that you provide certain Personal Information, Nuna will maintain the confidence of that Personal Information in accordance with Nuna's policies, this Privacy Statement and applicable Law.  Your Personal Information will be used only in connection with Nuna's job application process.  Your Personal Information will be accessed only by Nuna's authorized personnel who have a need to access this information.  Nuna may disclose your Personal Information as required by Law.  If you are submitting or have submitted Personal Information to Nuna for a purpose other than applying for employment with Nuna, other Nuna policies may apply to the collection, use and disclosure of that Personal Information.

Whether submitting your Personal Information, for the purpose of employment with Nuna, by email, on-line application, facsimile, mail or in person, you are acknowledging your acceptance and agreement of this Privacy Statement. 

"I have read and understand Nuna's Privacy Statement above.  I understand that in applying for a position with Nuna, I will be disclosing certain confidential Personal Information about myself.  I consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage, transfer and/or processing by Nuna of this Personal Information for all purposes related or incidental to my employment application and Nuna's recruitment process.  I understand and agree that Nuna has offices in various locations and that Nuna and its authorized representatives may collect, use, transfer, store and process my Personal Information at any of Nuna's offices or operational locations."

Employment Application Acknowledgement

I hereby apply for employment.

I have read, understand and agree with Nuna's Privacy Statement and information relating to Personal Information contained on the Employment Page of this web site.

I confirm that I am legally of age and eligible to work in Industry in Canada.

I confirm that the information contained in this form is accurate and complete.  I understand that any deliberate falsification on this form or omission of relevant information will result in the rejection of my application; or if I have already been hired, will result in the termination of my employment for just cause.

Upon hire, I agree to submit to a company medical examination if requested in order to determine my ability to perform the functions of the job for which I am applying for and I understand that any job offer is conditional upon my passing said medical examination.

I consent to Nuna obtaining a criminal records check on me if requested, and I understand that any offer of employment will be conditional upon the results of the criminal records check being satisfactory to Nuna.

I authorize Nuna to verify all information on this form.

I understand that all candidates may be required to attend a personal interview, provide references and may be requested to take related qualification tests if applicable.