Field Based Training

Nuna Training Technologies Ltd. (NTT) provides “hands-on” field training to compliment simulator based training or as a standalone program. NTT focuses on what is really needed by the employer and trains according to the direct needs of the community, impacted industry and culture. NTT’s goal is to give each new operator the knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s competitive market, resulting in improved cost performance in the field. The new operator receives ongoing evaluation, coaching and exposure to safe work practices. NTT provides training in all aspects of earthworks and mining – from diamond drill helper to large production equipment. NTT’s programs can be specifically tailored to meet your needs and demands.

NTT’s field based programs are designed to engage the student full-time with limited “observation time”, which many companies use to cut costs. This works for the first day or two, but after that point it may be of little value. Train for success rather than for numbers!

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Curriculum Overview

  • Operator's Rights and Responsibilities
  • Machine Safety
  • Review the Machine Operator's Manual
  • Walk-Around Inspections
  • Start-Up Procedures
  • Pre-Operation Checks
  • Directional and Braking Controls
  • Steering
  • Loading
  • Hauling/Material Movement
  • Dumping
  • Safety Tips
  • Parking

Training is a 'Win' 'Win' for the
Employer and Employee