Simulator Based Training

Nuna Training Technologies Ltd. (NTT) is recognized across North America as one of the leaders in simulator-based training as well as conventional classroom and field based training.

In 2001, NTT became the first company in Canada to offer heavy equipment simulator training for open pit mining. We currently operate 4 complete units with a full range of simulated equipment such as: haul truck, excavator, wheel loader, crawler dozer, electric haul truck, rope shovel and hydraulic shovel. The programs presented in the simulator are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved. We have logged more time in direct involvement with the Immersive Technology (IT) Series II simulator than any other single person or group worldwide. Today there are 20 IT simulators in Western Canada; 50% in the mining and earthworks industries and 50% in educational institutes.

Our philosophy of training is to improve safety and performance of all equipment operators, whether they are experienced or completely new to industry. Simulators have proven to be the best training tool available for entry level training of new equipment operators as well as for ongoing safety and refresher training.

The simulator is the best tool for training operators in:

  • emergency response to machine problems;
  • OEM procedures;
  • eliminating operator errors; and
  • improving production cycle times.

Curriculum Overview

  • Operator's Rights and Responsibilities
  • Machine Safety
  • Review the Machine Operator's Manual
  • Walk-Around Inspections
  • Start-Up Procedures
  • Pre-Operation Checks
  • Directional and Braking Controls
  • Steering
  • Loading
  • Hauling/Material Movement
  • Dumping
  • Safety Tips
  • Parking