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Nuna Training Technologies is part of the Nuna Group of Companies operating under Nuna Logistics Partnership. Nuna Logistics Partnership is a majority Indigenous-owned company that provides heavy civil construction, earthworks, and contract mining services.

With a growing demand for a skilled and sustainable workforce, not only for our needs but also for the industry, Nuna Training Technologies was established in 2001.

Nuna Training Technologies is recognized for its innovative, forward-thinking and regulatory compliance training programs. We are:

  • the first to bring heavy equipment simulator training to Canada;
  • registered as a Category I private vocational school;
  • recognized by equipment manufacturers as a leading simulator-based training company in North America;
  • a team of trainers and instructors who are mining and heavy civil construction experienced operators; and
  • the training company with the largest inventory of advanced and mid-size simulators.

Nuna Training Technologies is the company that equipment manufacturers go to for assistance in developing their simulator-based software.

We train across the country, and through our extensive client base and remote site development contracts, we have had the opportunity to engage and train many Indigenous people. As a result, our training strategy is fine-tuned to meet individual and community requirements, one of which is to deliver training directly into the community rather than community members having to travel to various cities for training.

We collaborate with communities to ensure that the communities’ needs and the consideration of cultural values remain at the core of our customized training program. A culturally appropriate and customized training model facilitates learning and assists individuals in progressing gradually toward sustained employment.

Training for Results
Promoting Mutual Understanding

As an Indigenous-owned company, we not only train people. We also employ and promote the empowerment of all people. We education our trainers in basic cross-cultural awareness and historic and contemporary issues facing Indigenous people living in remote communities. Our Indigenous Workforce Training Strategy ensures that Indigenous trainees maximize their potential by developing skills relevant to current and future employment.

Nuna Training Technologies has trained over 2,500 people, so we understand that people learn, comprehend, and communicate at various levels.

We empower our trainers to facilitate lessons outside the conventional training model. Our teaching methods will ensure that you fully understand the lesson before moving on.

We do this by:

  • getting to know each trainee to build trust and connect in a meaningful way.
  • maintaining an “open door” to encourage comfortable, ongoing two-way communication.
  • using multiple tools and methods to ensure the trainee understands the lesson.
  • prioritizing the use of illustrations, graphics, and pictorial aids.
  • utilizing eye-hand demonstrations.
  • using prior personal experiences as it may relate to the subject matter.
  • continually building the confidence of the trainee.
  • showing how the training and skills learned may relate to the student’s personal life.
  • encouraging accountability.
  • confirming task results in a manner that maintains a positive experience.
  • identifying and acknowledging successes.
  • addressing any shortcomings to achieve success.
  • providing life skills training.

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Nuna Training Technologies is recognized for our innovative, forward-thinking, and regulatory compliance training programs.

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