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Nuna Training Technologies

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General Inquiries

Saskatchewan Registration Advanced Education #2116 II 18

[email protected]

Suite 7, 3800 – 5 Avenue East
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6W 0A1

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Program Inquiries

Nuna Training Technologies’ programs follow the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) recommendations, as well as Section 154, Table 14.1 of the Government of Saskatchewan’s Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, and industry best practice. Our programs focus on Introduction, Familiarization, Safety, Best Practice, Responding, and Machine Response.
  • Check selected programs. Program time ranges from 4 to 12 hours. NOTE: Powered Mobile Equipment General Skills is highly recommended.
  • Check selected programs. Each session is 30 hours. Other program options may be available on request.
  • Programs are 16 hours and are field and lecture based. Other advanced powered mobile equipment training programs can be made available using your specific machine at your location.

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