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Production Dozer

Production Dozer

Dozers are primarily used for support at mining operations for the following:

  • Dozing and ripping as required.
  • Maintaining pit floors and dumps.
  • Building and maintaining in-pit travel ways.
  • Building berms and dump areas.
  • Ditching and leveling as required.

Dozers can have as much as 650 HP combined with a 3 speed power shift transmission and oil disc steering, clutch and brakes. It can have an operating weight of 200,000 pounds and can be equipped with a ripper attachment. Smaller dozers can be used for special projects requiring a small machine.

This program covers the following:

  1. Basic Bulldozer Inspection
  2. Pre-Operation Checklists and Safety
  3. Dozer Operation and Skill Training
  4. How to Safely Operate a Dozer and Recognize Dangerous Situations
  5. Maneuver Planning
  6. Moving Loads with a Cable
  7. Operating with Other Equipment Operators
  8. Dozer Transportation
  9. Basic Maintenance and Long Term Care

Course Types: Computer Based Training and Simulator Based Training
Program Number
Ntt 133 SBT/CBT
30 Hours
Student to Instructor Ratio
4 to 1
Students per program
Equipment Type
Cat D10R platform (Simulator Based)
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