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Nuna Takes Simulation Training to the Arctic

The Northwest Territories (NT) of Canada encompass forest, mountains and islands. Beyond the remote tundra is the Arctic. Nuna Training Technologies, a private vocational school located in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, navigates the remote lands to bring heavy equipment training to several outlying locations.

A wholly owned subsidiary of majority Indigenous-owned Nuna Logistics Partnership, the company has been involved in most major earthworks and mining projects in the Canadian Arctic for the past 25 years. Nuna Training Technologies has been using simulators for the last 15 years. As simulators became more mobile, the opportunity to take training on the road became a reality. Bob Huculak, a certified instructor and Manager for Nuna Training Technologies, headed the effort to find the right simulators. Huculak’s roots run deep in the earthworks and mining industries—40 years of experience. For the past 17 years he has been with Nuna, including operator training and developing training standards. Approximately 100 students per year go through the programs that include simulator training, with the majority of the students completely new to the earthworks industry.

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