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Contract & Custom Training

Individual Training

Utilizing our heavy equipment simulators, Nuna Training Technologies’ programs are designed to meet various operator levels and a wide range of mining and construction operations.  The heavy equipment simulator creates an atmosphere very real to that of operating the actual heavy equipment. You will experience what an equipment operator would see, hear, and feel, and you will be tested several times over for handling dangerous situations, all while being kept in a safe environment. Simulator training is recognized by equipment manufacturers as best practice for new trainees.

Facilitate at our Prince Albert location, Nuna Training Technologies also offers field training on the following advance powered mobile equipment: Compact Wheel Loader; Compact Excavator; and Skid Steer Loader.  The program comprises 16 hours of field and lecture modules.

Corporate Training

Companies that employ heavy equipment understand the importance of proper equipment training.

Utilizing simulation for your heavy equipment training provides you the opportunity to continually feed into your workforce while safeguarding your people and avoiding production interruption and potential capital loss. Additionally, you will recover simulator training costs through savings on fuels and lubes consumed by real equipment, plus the wear a machine might receive in the initial training process.

The heavy equipment simulator creates an atmosphere very similar to real equipment working in a real situation. Your employee will experience virtual reality of what an equipment operator will see, hear, and feel while operating equipment and will be exposed to repetitive dangerous situations more than any working operator would ever encounter in their career. You will have knowledge of your employee’s response to emergencies prior to putting them on equipment.

The simulator records your employee’s performance and the machine operation from start-up to shut-down so the risk of bias is removed by use of these recording tools. The likelihood of your employee entering the workforce safely is increased.

Pre-employment skills assessment is key to your operator’s and workforce safety and your investment. Traditionally, it is only after a new employee is given the opportunity to operate a piece of equipment that you would get some indication of their skills and job suitability. The cost to have just one employee hit the site untrained is costly not only from a safety perspective, but also from the expenses incurred of hiring, orientation, travel, accommodation, wages, lost production, etc.

Equipment Simulator Training

Advanced Simulator: Pre-set Programs per Machine Group


Economy Program

  • 3 days, 3 trainees
  • 10 hours of hands-on simulator time
  • 20 hours of basic classroom instruction
  • Includes registration and review

Basic Program

  • 5 days, 4 trainees
  • 12 hours of hands-on simulator time
  • 28 hours of classroom instruction
  • Includes registration and review

Intensive Program

  • 5 days, 3 trainees
  • 17 hours of hands-on simulator time
  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • Includes registration and review
Mid-Sized Simulator: Pre-set Programs per Machine Group


Economy Program

  • 8–12 hours of in-the-seat simulator time
  • Self-directed

Basic Program

  • 12–16 hours of in-the-seat simulator time
  • Instructor led

Intensive Program

  • 16–24 hours of in-the-seat simulator time
  • Instructor led, plus CTB for selected machines
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Equipment Field Training

NUNA Training Technologies provides hands-on heavy equipment field training to complement our simulator based training or as a standalone program.

We focus on ongoing evaluation, coaching and exposure to safe work practices from compact utility to large production equipment.

Our programs can be specifically tailored to meet your needs, or you can choose from a selection of pre-set programs. Programs are designed to reduce the time a student is standing by observing the instructor operating equipment or classroom theory instruction. We engage the student full-time with the equipment; more hands-on operation time equals expedited trainee proficiency and confidence.

Curriculum Overview
  • Operator’s Rights & Responsibilities
  • Machine Safety
  • Review the Machine Operator’s Manual
  • Walk-Around Inspections
  • Start-Up Procedures
  • Pre-operation Checks
  • Directional & Braking Controls
  • Steering
  • Loading
  • Hauling/Material Movement
  • Dumping
  • Safety Tips
  • Parking
Pre-set Field Programs


Economy Field Program

240 hours, 7 students, 4 machine groups

  • 70 hours of classroom lecture-based training
  • 170 hours of hands-on and observation on 4 machine groups

Basic Field Program

240 hours, 8 students, 4 machine groups

  • 60 hours of classroom lecture-based training
  • 40 hours of mid-sized simulator time
  • 140 hours in field hands, 35 hours per machine (no observation time)

Intensive Field Program

  • 60 hours of classroom lecture-based training
  • 16 hours of mid-sized simulator time
  • 164 hours in field hands per machine (limited observation time)


Based on our many years of experience in facilitating and developing programming and legislated requirements for the workplace, Nuna Training Technologies can provide guidance and suggestion on how to facilitate training; develop PDF fillable/saveable records and documents; and recommend core principles and best practices. Our platform is based on 3 guiding principles.

Occupational Health & Safety

Original Manufacturer Recommendations

Your Policies, Procedures & Practices

Online Training

Train on your schedule. With your fast-paced life, there may not be time to attend a class in person. Nuna Training Technologies offers a wide variety of online training that are recognized and sanctioned by the constantly evolving mining and construction industry. All of the programs have been developed by industry experts.  They are I-CAB recognized and satisfy Canada’s requirements for the classroom portion of operator safety training.  Our most popular titles are audited on a regular basis to ensure that the training is always up-to-date. Nuna Training Technologies can also facilitate “Proctored” online and computer based training which ensures the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test taking environment.  Online courses run between 30 to 90 minutes in length.

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Contract Training

The background experience of our training team has expertise in instruction delivery and collective expertise as mining and heavy civil development contractors, seasoned equipment operators, and supervisors.

If you are setting up a heavy equipment training department or have purchased a simulator but do not have trainers, Nuna Training Technologies’ professional and experienced trainers are available on a contract basis to train your trainer, train your workforce, and run your training programs on an as-required basis.

Custom-Designed Training Program

Customized training programs, training program evaluations, and training department development.

Every industry understands from a safety perspective and a financial perspective that training people is a step that cannot be skipped.

Nuna Training Technologies adds value by designing programs that meet your key training needs and your specific work environment. We will prepare your employees for integration into your workforce with a focus on mining and construction industry employment, as well as remote camp life, if required.

Our training programs incorporate industry best practice procedures and site-specific operational procedures and adopt a design that uses a step-by-step approach for different levels of learning among trainees. Language, literacy, and numeracy are the most significant barriers to gainful employment; our curriculum is adapted to overcome these barriers. Additionally, our programs are gender neutral; in support of this, our simulator-based training—which provides computer-generated reporting—further removes any chance of trainee bias.

We will assist you by:

  • determining your priority training needs;
  • identifying resource requirements (manpower, equipment, and facilities);
  • identifying and preparing programs for different levels of instruction;
  • preparing training manuals and training processes;
  • preparing a training calendar;
  • measuring the effectiveness of the training program;
  • setting KPIs for your training department; and
  • recommending and procuring heavy equipment simulator and software products.

You may want to check out our pre-designed programs to help determine how we can develop your custom programs.

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